Friday, October 24, 2008

Cut the Financial Fat Out of Your Monthly Insurance Spend (a.k.a.. Stop Getting Ripped Off!)

Maybe you are dropping paid cable channels, lowering your cell package minutes, driving less, eating out less... all this in the name of savings at a time when the economy is demanding it from many households to stay above water.

One area you may have not considered though, insurance, should not be overlooked. Nearly all of us have it in one form or another. We're required by law to have auto insurance, nobody should ever be without health insurance, and most of us are covered by life and/or home insurance as well.

Here is a question for you to ask yourself: how did you pick your insurance company to begin with? Was it a "cute" TV commercial that appealed to you? If so, sounds like their marketing worked and now you've become another source of income for them to produce more of these cute commercials to convince others. Was it a random cold call you received convincing you they were the best and cheapest? Remember sometimes your actual savings comes from tweaking the policy to have less coverage or a higher deductible. It's easy to work the numbers when they have you on the spot. Combine that with a little sales pitch and your pocket book is as good as open to them.

So now you must wonder: are they giving you the best price out there for the coverage you need? You hope so. Will they provide the best service when you need them? You hope so, but you hope even more you DON'T need their services.

Assuming the best is great in most situations, but in this one it isn't. You need to check into it and verify. You need to compare rates and coverage to ENSURE you are getting the best bang for you buck. Maybe this is something you already did when initially getting coverage and you are confident you got the best possible deal for the coverage you wanted. That's great! However it doesn't mean it's the best choice for you still. Are you a few years older? Do you fit into a different class for health, auto, home, and/or life? A change in health conditions, the type of auto you own, your driving record, credit rating, and just general price structure changes within the companies all come into play with the options and premiums available to you. Staying on top of this can save you a lot of money with very little effort.

A good thing to do to make sure you are always getting the best rates and coverage is to yearly check your options. This doesn't involve spending days calling around or driving around to all your local agencies, all you need to do is fill out a short form online to get free quotes and make them EARN your business. Compare the quotes you're given and decide if it's time to make an adjustment or transition to a new agency to keep your premiums as low as possible while keeping your coverage at your minimum personal requirements set by YOU.

There are various websites out there that can provide these insurance quotes with your premier source bieng US Insurance Online. They will generate the free insurance quotes for you to have the companies compete for your business while upholding top standards for no spam or scams. Within minutes of going to the US Insurance Online website you can have your quotes and compare them side by side and start saving.